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in my opinion "nothing is free in this world except the grace of god". now a days all the online jobs in this world are full of spams many fraud companies are raising their wings to get benefited by posting fraudulent information on number of free advertising websites and making people fools and wasting the peoples valuable "MONEY "," TIME".............
Here we are providing the information about the genuine companies that are providing their services with some upfront cost.
Earning money online is not a rocket science, you don't need to have a PHD and you don't need to have a degree. in fact, what makes those successful marketers so much different is this; they take a lot of action. you should know this, in the internet,everyone starts equally. you can earn easy money online no matter who you are.
so, the thing is how can you actually create an income stream online,the fast and easy way?

Latest Stories

Deals in : Auto & domestic Bulb, Crystal Products, Glass Beads, CFL, paper plates.
Director :- Chandra Pal Singh 
Address: B-/2/3/4, krian Garden, Near Nawada Metro Station, 
Opp: Hanuman Mandir, New Delhi-110059
Phone: 011- 32679244
Mob: 91-11-9250622397, 9312421184
E.Mail: startradingco.96@gmail.com
Website: www.startradingco.com
Deals in : AUTOMATIC and MANUALThreads Winding Machine
Address: AC- 18, Ganga Ram Vatika, 
Tilak Nagar, Near Subhash Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi-110018
Phone: 011-32977797, 25987038
Mob: 09868086612, 09968499790
Website: www.eagletraders.co.in
Deals in : MANUALThreads Winding Machine
Director :- SHARAD VERMA & SONU VERMA (Brother)
Address: E -3, Gali no – 23, 20 Feet Road, 
Chankya palace, opp. C- 1, janak puri, 
New Delhi-110059
Phone: 011-69418403, 64602274, 09958841188
Mob: 09958841199, 09958841166, 09212518653

Deals in : Threads Winding Machine
Address: Gali no – 23, 20 Feet Road, 
Chankya palace, opp. C- 1, janak puri, 
New Delhi-110059
Phone: 011-
15, 000-35, 000p/m, start your home
based industries paper plates, files making, 
paper bag with 100% buy back with
leagal and Govt.Regd. Company.
Ph:65243438, 9618131349
or CFL Tube plants at Home (100% buy
back agreement) for details visit
www.gurukirpaind.com or Call:
09654172903 .
GOLDEN EAGLE (Regd) earn thousands.
Install CFL, Chokes, Paper plate
plant at home. Buy back. Sms your
address #09910989723, 
0 9 8 7 1 8 6 8 2 6 3
ORPET LIGHT (regd.) small investment
good income install CFL Tubechoke, 
Candle, Paper plate machines, buyback
agreement. Detail SMS postal address
09716744491, 09971420278.
KHAITAN LIGHT (regd) low investment.
Earn 50, 000/- monthly. Instal CFL Tube, 
choke candle plants providing raw material, 
training+ transport. Buy back agreement
5 years. For details send postal add
09871852109, 09650077147.
SURYA KIRAN (Regd. No.1106)
Earn thousands per month install CFL Tube/
paper plates/ ele choke (compact choke
plant Rs.25, 000/- only) (Training +
transport free) + buyback agreement for
details send complete postal address
by SMS 09811816944, 011-32688136
New Delhi-110028
INSTALL CFL Chock, paper plate, disposal
glass, plastic machine, income
700- 1500 daily. We provide R/M buy
back agreement. Fast service. Address, 
detail, SRI’s Delhi 09540664925;9873470453.
SECOND TIME in Hyd set up small
scale industry paper plates and also
car hire business. 
Call 9505722491.
Sainikpuri, Hyd
Ankit light trading co
Deals in Tube light choke, paper plate, CFL bulbs
New Delhi
investment. Setup own business.
CFL, Paper Plate, Chokespolyester, 
Electronic & Compact, 
Music-Dolls, Candle, Inverter, Buyback
Agreement, Training Free. 572D, 
N a r a i n a, D e l h i - 2 8 .
PHILIPS LIGHT (regd.) earn 50, 000/
monthly. Install CFL Tubechoke candle
plant (training+ transport free) buyback
agreement 5 years. For details send
address SMS # 9871429430;9871429807.
EARN 25, 000/- - 50, 000/- per month
setup paper plates, tube chokes industry.
We provide free raw material buy
back agreement and training.
Vigneshwar Traders (Regd), Delhi
EARN:- 25, 000/-, 50, 000/- pm L.G.
Light, (Regd. No.2461) Install (C.F.L.), 
Assamble (Unit). Send complete Postal
Address with area Pin Code by (SMS)
‘09958934685’, 011-65579397.(
JUST INVEST Rs.60000/- and earn
Rs.60-80 thousand we provide tube choke
and compact choke Manufacturing
machine and raw material with buy back
agreement. Ph:9676891899, 956233534
(approved by N.C.T. Govt. of New Delhi)
Serving the nation for past 9 years
scale industry at home make income
20, 000- 30, 000 per month.
Address: 47/22, Aman Chamber, 
(3rd Floor) Old Rajinder Nagar, 
Main Pusa Road, New Delhi-110060 (India)
Tel: +91-11-25860660, 25860661
Fax: +91-11-25814543
Mobile: +91-9871415573, +91-9871991454
09871101529. www.satyamtrading.com
E-mail: info@satyamtrading.com
install CFL, compactchoke, 
paper plate plant 100% buyback.
SMS address Bright Lite
#09910607689, 09212902091.
Balaji Traders
EARN 40, 000- 70, 000 per month setup
paper plate, compact choke, CFL, plastic
moulding. We provide you raw material
buy-back agreement. A.P. Light Co.
(regd.) Delhi. #09971707418, 
09871004939, 011-23620835, 
EARN 30, 000- 50, 000 per month setup
paper plate, compact choke, CFL, plastic
moulding. We provide you raw material
buy-back agreement. Sai Light Trading
Co. (regd.) #09811054058, 
09717950003, www.saitrading.net
Dona plate & Candle plant in Rs.30, 000
with 100% buy back finished good(s), 
more details, Contact: 011-32022738, 
09911985782, 09971987453
EARN 30, 000/- to 50, 000/- p.m. estd.
your own business indicator, wheelcap, 
lunch box, hanger, backlight, thermoglass, 
plastic bottle, jar, cane plants, 
free raw material, production buyback
with agreement. Finance/ training/
transport facilities. Registered company.
Delhi #0 9971172538;9871663972

S N TRADERS newyear offer 20% discount
every plant earn 200- 2000 day
setup candle, CFL, dona plate, compact
(training, rawmaterial home court agreement)
#09312038133, 09891681915.
Apco lite Company, 
EARN THOUSAND install at home, 
CFL, donapaper medical drop, compact
choke. contact#
0999821228, 09871729082, 011-
EARN 1000- 1500 daily install CFL, 
paper plate plant at home, training+
transport+ raw material available.
Balaknath Traders, #09540667227, 
BUY ONE get other one free. Earn
Rs.10, 000 to 40, 000 pm. Install paper
plate, CFL, Halogen bulb auto bulb, 
Tubechoke, Doll, candle (raw material+
training+ agreement). Havels Enterprises
Regd. (12148) 09312810933, 
09911685464, 09015254970
Bajaj Light Trading co
WZ area, Naraina vihar
Ring Road
Near Indian Petrol Pump
New Delhi - 28
Sai Ram Traders
Fathenagar, Delhi
Ph: 9971252308, 9871260191, 
Global Skylite Trading Co
B-10 DM Vihar
Uttam Nagar
New Delhi - 59
Light Up Traders Co
CB-133, Naraina Ring Road
New Delhi – 28
9899698823, 9899703263
earn 1000’s instal CFL choke paper
plate, plant buyback+ training.
#09654018180, 09654018181.


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  1. Dear Team,

    This is really useful information to the online users and to the people who are trying to earn something while sitting home,

    MY REQUEST:- Kindly update the way of the companies frauds so that people can analyze before investing their valuable amount, and please also update the FRAUD COMPANIES list in "PAPER PLATES MAKING MACHINES WITH RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY AND BUY BACK AGREEMENT"

  2. your blog is so knowledgeable.i am very impressed for it. for more information kindly visit in Best Mmanufacturing company

  3. Hello,
    2000 Premium Transport

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  4. Hi Dear All,

    I purchased 1 paper plate making machine from High light perfect service, they cheated me and i lost Rs100,000. and also they cheated so many people, i gathered some ppl who are cheated by this company, how to get my money from that company by legal please help me

  5. ooooo says:

    Hi, program 4X-DAT (http://www.4x-dat.com) is SCAM for money disappearing! The criminal complaint against Nemeth was in 2010!!!! For more info check http://4x-dat.wz.cz/index-en.html

  6. thank for ur valuable advice -p thomas

  7. Hi to all,

    I saw a add from newspaper regarding doing paper plate business and i called them and they provide me the details from shriramnetworkco.2006@gmail.com and papersmallindustries@gmail.com. Is this fake or real? please help me in this thanks....M.Gufran

  8. Naveen says:

    ganga industries given a add on kannada news papper at mangalore please give information about this copany.and is this copany is fraud or good company.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. Hi guys. All the negative information regarding 4X-DAT published on this page is MISLEADING and UNTRUE. This page was created by the malicious LIARS who want to harm reputation of GLPT company, product 4X-DAT as well as the founder Joseph Nemeth.
    More info you can find here: http://4x-dat.wix.com/info

    The official company statement regarding these liars is here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/84d4d5_45502b0ce7034a9c801a6c6bedb954e8.pdf

  11. One more fraud company
    Deals with paper making machine, Candle project, CFL Bulbs and more...

    M/s Supriya Light Company
    H. No E- 90 Dabri extn, Ground floor,
    New Delhi-110045
    e-mail- supriyalightcompany@gmail.com
    Moblie No- Ravi- 09873004689, 07840883112,
    Kursheed- 09716998355

  12. can you please provide me details about shine enterprise based in new delhi

  13. Hi all, I found add in newspaper regarding paper plates business with buy back on finished goods,
    Here I am sending company details. pls help me out whether this compnay is fraud or genuine Contact Person - LAKSHMI ENTERPRISES
    Address : Opp. Ramdev Hotel, Maruti Compound, Kalher,
    Thane - 421302, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
    Mobile - +91 - 8390563616, 8390273446

  14. Unknown says:

    Dear Rama Krishna garu,

    My name is Venugopal and I hail from guntur and now settled in Mumbai. I have been doing business with Lakshmi enterprises since 3 years. I am in service and I have invested for my brother. He is doing well in the paper plate business. This is an ISO 9002 certified company and is very genuine. They will be happy to help if you any dounts regarding the business and ready to extend support wherever you are doing the business. If you still need any further information, feel free to mail me mesmmp@gmail.com

  15. tk mandal says:

    dear sir.pls help me which compay is cotrect and which on face company..in fllowing.tataf agarbatti company.infoglobal.in agarbatti company.hariomtrading.in paper palate making company..kindly infrom me

  16. pavan.b says:

    hi any one could you please tell me agarbatti buy back genuine company list

  17. pavan.b says:

    if any having a good idea with to start business please share with us my id is nagunaveen0@gmail.com

  18. babu says:

    hi sir chirag industries this company is new delhi, t-589/ca. baljeet nagar. 110008. company email is chiragind30@gmail.com. company mob is 7838527883, 7838527563, 7838527817, tel- 011-68000280 , Paper plate machines, buyback
    agreement., this com provading company is genuine or cheating, my id is naiduap27@gmail.com

  19. babu says:

    hi sir chirag industries this company is new delhi, t-589/ca. baljeet nagar. 110008. company email is chiragind30@gmail.com. company mob is 7838527883, 7838527563, 7838527817, tel- 011-68000280 , Paper plate machines, buyback
    agreement., this com provading company is genuine or cheating, my id is naiduap27@gmail.com

  20. what about kamakhya enterprises ?
    is it genuine ?
    i am planning to buy 4 machines from this company

  21. Ila Patel says:

    I want to know about Bpl Enterprises based in new delhi.
    website name: bplenterprises.in.
    waiting for the reply. Please.

  22. Hii please give some info about the FEMINA TRADING COMPANY in new Delhi. Is this fraud or genuine company.

  23. hai please give some information about these below companies. These companies offers to me paper plate meshion with buy back agreement.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.
  25. We “SS Trading” are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of premium quality Paper Plates Machines, C.F.L. Lights and Candle Machines, Lift Machines Auto Parts, Paper Cutting Machines Etc.
    SS Tradings
    Paper Plates Machines At Uttam Nagar
    Lift Machines Auto Parts At Uttam Nagar
    Manufacturers Of Paper plates Machines At Delhi

  26. I Wanna know about SHINE ENTERPRISE ,NEW DELHI
    Please tell me immidiatly. he took 1.2 lac from me in advance for LED BULDS & he hasn't sent goods since last 3 months to me (mumbai)

  27. Sv traders also fraud company .... So take care

  28. Paper Plates Machines, C.F.L. Lights and Candle Machines, Lift Machines Auto Parts, Paper Cutting Machines Etc.
    feenolax company fraud

  29. i cheat by feenolax and Aarahan light co. that company changing company name,mobile no, address. but company same fraud i loos Rs 150000

  30. Aaradhana Light Co.
    c-176,opp.Dabri Extn. 1st Floor, New Delhi -110045
    cfl papaer plate candale more fraud and cheating big company 09873399141,09990383419,09990382924.Ravi kumar and Kursheed fraud

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  32. Hello! Can anyone tell me about the Agarbatti manufacturing process. Because i am planning to start. So if anyone knows about any good companies please tell me. Thanks in Advance. My mail id is: trthomasrajan11@gmail.com

  33. i m scared to invest .....i have got one company called nj marketing its in A.J chambers no 238 karol bagh new delhi 110005
    one fellow from bangalore is doing from 8 months he told he is getting good commission ....but i dont no about this company if any of u in delhi pls check and tell me

  34. sunstar vtrading co another big fraud company

  35. Pls give truth info about "SAI ENTERPRISES NEAR ROHINI EAST METRO STATION,ROHINI,NEW DELHI-110085 M.: 08447253755".

    Is this Enterprise trusted or not?

    Pls give u r feed back on it. Thank u

  36. Very impressive blog .LED Light manufacturers and suppliers - Delhi/India based LED Light wholesale Exporters and provide quality many kinds of LED Downlights lights products. Our strong believe in the Moto reflects in punch line "BIJLEE BACHAYE ROSHNI BADHAYE" Feel free to call us + 011 65194474, 011 65394474 and visit : LED Light Manufacturers India

  37. Sir, Vardhman Enterprises - New Delhi has given advertisement (Classified) in EEnadu Classifieds for manufacturing of LED bulbs at home for which they will supply raw material & buy back finished products and also pay Labour charges. Their contact numbers:8375943812, 8375943016. I transferred an amount of Rs 10,000 into their current account with ICICI Bank, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi on 02.07.2015 and also got confirmation from KVB as below:
    Karur Vysya Bank
    Visit www.kvb.co.in
    Now they are not answering our calls. Need your help sir..... Prasad (8125728667/9348269254).

  38. Please list Vardhman Enterprises in FRAUD company list.

  39. I got a call from DELHI SILICON MONEY SOLUTION that to send my income tax returns of last 3 years i had send through mail given id was (siliconmoneysolution8@gmail.com) after 3 days i got a call from them that i got 20 lakhs loan sansion so deposit 60000 in their account of ANDHRA BANK :-ACCno:(143611100003402) i had deposited the amount then on wards till now i got call from them i had deposited upto now 4 lakh rupess in their account by browwing money from others finally i got to know that i had cheated by them so please u guys dont respond such those persons so i am giving their numbers for conformation on those chesaters (9555924656,,, 8287126839,,, 8376842591,,,,, 9911302336 ) so please friends dont get cheat by those persons and get trouble because by depositing them i am in very poor condition now and i didnt have single ruppe also now every money i had deposited in their account now i become very poor so please friends try to help me i any one by catching those persons my number is (8096104204,,,9441741834)

  40. Nice information. I was searching for the same. It helped me alot and saved my time. Thanks alot. obiee training in hyderabad

  41. i want to start cfl bulbs and mobile charger production small scale industry in my home town only.. for that i need complete detils about companies, what is estimate, how many money requires, how to do ? what to do ? which company is good to do partnership.. plz forward all tils to my email id brother...
    email: ravikumardone@yahoo.com mb ph: 9538295612... thank you...

  42. Mani Mani says:

    Hai frnds. All companies r fraud with tis generation. So save for ur money and then u can aim to start a business. With surrounding 20 to 40 kilometers. Not dealing in another states. It's safe for ur money. Becauseg. I'am also cheated in (Global trading company in New Delhi) tis company. I loss my amount 1 lakh.

  43. Hai friends add one more company that's N Feenolex or Feenolex Company it's located in New Delhi it's fraud dealing with CLF light plate ,candle making machine and paper plate making machine .Be aware buying from other states such a kind of machine

  44. Lamps and Lights Suppliers in India - Are you looking for Indian made lamps and lights or want to import from India? If yes then we provide high quality lamps and lights from Indian supplier at cheap price in all parts of the world. We are one of the famous manufacturers of lamps and light in India. We provide our products all over the world.

  45. ashra says:

    To jayanthi prabhuraju " N J Marketing " fraud company

  46. I am from Hyderabad i want do business with VARDHMAN TRADING COMPANY but i don't now it genuine company or not how can i find out company its genuine

  47. I am from Pune I have transferred Rs. 6000 to Vardhman trading company. From 01 month they don't reply me even not answering my call. Now you can decide.

  48. I am from Pune I have transferred Rs. 6000 to Vardhman trading company. From 01 month they don't reply me even not answering my call. Now you can decide.

  49. neel c says:

    I want to start agarbatti buyback agreement business with TATAF. but i don't now it genuine company or not how can i find out company its genuine

  50. I want to start agarbatti buyback agreement business with Tirupati Balaji Traders Reg. no. AB-5125453 Agara. but i don't now it genuine company or not how can i find out company its genuine

  51. Shree industries in delhi. with buy back agreement of cfl bulbs & paper plate is it trusted company reply me please

  52. Product Outsourcing Company in Delhi - In present days, businesses run on technology which is handy to the target clients in an easy way. Your website is your business gateway to reach your customers and you need a proficient Web Designing Company to get your web pages up and live on internet. We provide product outsourcing services at affordable price.

  53. Hi friends my Name is Kumar iam from Hyderabad recently I have buyed single die fully automatic paper plate machine everything was good till 2weeks then machine has got the problem from their issues has started there was no proper response from them after 2and half months they have sent the technician by seeing the machine itself he has said that this is the old machine we cannot repair it so the Same issue I have informed to the company from there the issue has started I was asking for the replacement but no use they were nt lifting the calls and no response from there. I have invested 1lakh 30 thousand and I have loses it so please be careful from this fraud companies and the person name is radhika who follow ups she is the big bitch they people don't have kind heart I have brought the money for the intrest 5% now iam suffering a lot so people pls carefull from this fraud people and company and the company Nam is Sai Enterprise paper plate &candle machine B-6/115, 1st floor sector8 Rohini newdelhi 110085 mobile 08447253755 saienterprisedelhi@yahoo.com

  54. Friend this are their contact numbers radhika:8447253755. Manager no:9555202255. Saurabh:9716335522 this are the contact number of sai Enterprise this is the big fraud copanie now proceeding legally so please friends if u have any suggestion please let me
    know and my mail id is kumarahiva356@gmail.com galiz lanjakodukulu radhika aithae pedha donga nabproblem motham chepanuu already valaki but they wont have kindness but they have hurted me a lot

  55. i m going to joined in business with vardhaman trading company, near dwarka mod metro station,delhi.I WANT to know that is it genuine or not.please tell me

  56. Lanterns Manufacturers in India- Having an outdoor lantern is a necessity for every camping trip and they are great to have around the house too. Flashlights do not put out near as much light as a lantern and are not able to be put down, stay steady, and put off light in all areas versus just in one direction. You can buy handheld outdoor lanterns, hanging lanterns, outdoor candle lanterns, and outdoor wall lanterns.

  57. Sir I need do buy paber plate machine in feenolax company he say give machine and material also take he no need to sale I will sale for u this is correct can buy machinevthis company how pls help-me

  58. hello i want to buy paper plate machine from shri G.S.enterprises(reg.),E-2/110A,shastri nagar,near shastri nagar metro station,delhi.
    plz let me know is it fake or genuine
    my no.9885559040 or mail me at nagaraj.veludandi12@gmail.com

  59. plz give info about gs enterprises.....ty

  60. Auto Bulb Industry  
    Naraina Industrial Area Phase 1, Delhi 110028
    is a fraud company.. Dont get cheated by investing in this company


  62. friends, don't handover your money, untill you personally visit their offices and talk to at least 4 or 5 of their clients personally. Don't fall out in their trap easily

  63. Unknown says:

    Iwant to know about paper plate companies in chennai

  64. Unknown says:

    hi friend jmr enterprise is good company or fraud pls send to me my mail id is shanu5b6@gmail.com

  65. Unknown says:

    would like to know N J Marketing delhi . how they are ok or any problem

  66. want to know N J Marketing delhi

  67. Ther is lots of fraud company in MUMBAI

  68. saf an says:

    Want to know HUMPI TRADING CO.
    d 2/698 f jeewan park
    pankha road
    uttam nagar.newdelhi.59
    pls inform my mail id safan447@gmail.com

  69. Unknown says:

    hi saf
    this is praveen, even i want to know about humpi trading company...to prepare the paper plates....

    If you have any information pls let me know to my personnel email id : p.shivappa@gmail.com

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